The report on the Ecological and Social Issues Concerning the Establishment of a Recreational Barramundi Fishery in Lake Kununurra was released. The summarised findings were:

  1. Competition for food and habitat between barramundi and resident species would be minimal;
  2. Impact on resident fish from barramundi predation would be minimal;
  3. Little data available on effective ways to move barramundi up fish ladders;
  4. A fish ladder could be used by other species;
  5. Saltwater crocodile management would need to be able to exclude them from entering Lake Kununurra; and,
  6. Fish would move downstream to breed.


Positive and negative social impacts included:

  1. Guarded support for the concept overall;
  2. Concerns over the viability of the project (could it work?):
  3. No proponent identified to take the project past this point;
  4. Access, development and management issues on the lake;
  5. Genetic miss breeding if fingerlings were used;
  6. Loss of the current wilderness values the lake holds; and,
  7. Will the fish stay in the lake?  
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